Areas of Practice

Expungements:  An expungement is the legal process of removing certain criminal charges and/or convictions from your public record. The effect of an expugement is to restore you, in the eyes of the law, to the position you occupied prior to the offense charged.  Although law enforcement agencies may maintain a confidential record of the offense, the public record may be erased.  Learn more about expungements.

Railroad Litigation:  For years, we have helped injured railroad workers and their families deal with the aftermath of an on-the-job injury.  Railroad workers (locomotive engineers, conductors, brakemen, and maintenance of way employees) injured while on duty are protected under a special federal statute known as the “Federal Employers’ Liability Act” (or F.E.L.A.).  These special cases are treated differently under the law than regular personal injury cases and differently than workers’ compensation cases…knowing those differences is our job.  We have represented railroad employees in Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.

Construction Claims:  Navigating the construction process, whether residential or commercial projects, often can lead to disagreements over the contract terms or the scope of work.  Our firm has represented homeowners, contractors, and subcontractors in construction disputes.  We also are available to review contract documents before a dispute arises.

Business Transactions:  Our firm routinely takes up the cause of small businesses along the MississippiGulfCoast.  We are available to counsel with small business owners at the outset of a new business or venture.  This proactive step often helps business owners avoid costly litigation or helps insulate small businesses from a hostile business environment.

Commercial Litigation:  From breach of contract claims to corporate dissolutions, our firm is capable of guiding you through the litigation process.

Catastrophe Claims:  If your home or business has been damaged or destroyed by hurricane, fire, or flood, we can assist you.  We can help you process your insurance claim effectively and efficiently so that you may begin your rebuilding effort.  Following Hurricane Katrina, we helped numerous people and businesses start over by walking them through complex insurance claims and, when necessary, filing suit to protect their rights.